Yoga and Mindfulness Programs

Discover the whole body benefits of yoga and how a regular practice can bring balance to your child’s life-                on and off the mat.

Yoga for Preschool Students

Healthy Whole Kids Yoga Programs are designed to help children:

* Build focus and concentration

* Increase confidence and positive self-image

* Develop body awareness

* Discover self-regulation techniques including breathing, meditation and movement.

Each 30 minute class will consist of a circle time where topics including gratitude, positive attitudes and healthy choices are discussed followed by gentle stretching and a playful yoga practice.

Every class will end with a short guided story to inspire your child’s imagination. A small healthy snack is included.


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Yoga and Mindfulness for Elementary Students

Healthy Whole Kids Yoga and Mindfulness classes are designed to inspire self-acceptance and encourage self-care while engaging the mind and energizing the body.

Your child will learn basic yoga postures and mindfulness teachniques that they can use on a daily basis to create personal stability as they manage emotions, establish balance and connect with the world around them.

Each class will include:

  • Breathing exercises
  • Playful series of yoga poses
  • Game, craft or activity
  • Relaxation story
  • Healthy snack
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