Healthy Whole Kids™ Affirmation Cards for The Best Day, Every Day!

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Healthy Whole Kids™ Affirmation Cards for The Best Day, Every Day!
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Every thought you think and every word you speak creates the foundation for your future.

By making conscious choices to think and speak positively, you are choosing to create a future full of bright and sunny experiences.


This deck of 48 vibrant affirmation cards, created for Healthy Whole Kids™ of all ages, is designed to reinforce our inner dialogue with uplifting messages of positivity and empowerment. Brightly colored and two-sided, each card features a powerful affirmation and a thoughtful statement or question that encourages inward reflection.

By focusing on positive statements and affirming our self-love and personal confidence, we can create a future full of beautiful possibilities. Enjoy these cards everyday and everywhere to nurture a joyful heart and discover a deeper connection with yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.

Suggested ways to use Healthy Whole Kids™ Affirmation Cards:  

  • Choose an affirmation card for the focus of the day. Silently repeat this statement throughout your day for a happy helping of positive thinking. 
  • Spend time with a parent or loved one and discuss how you can apply the positive actions of the questions or directive statements. Really soak in this special time and make plans to share how making good choices connects you to the world around you.
  • Decorate! Place your favorite bright and colorful affirmation cards around your house as a visible reminder to fill your mind with happy, confident and loving thoughts.
  • Choose an affirmation card and spend time journaling about the statement or the question. What does it mean to you? How does it make you feel? Explore your heart and acknowledge the thoughts and feelings that surface as you spend time with each personal message. 
  • Use your affirmation card as a bookmark. Surprise yourself with a message of empowerment every time you open your favorite book. Smiles and happy hearts are sure to follow.
  • Share your cards with your friends and family! Your deck of Healthy Whole Kids™ Affirmation Cards makes a wonderful gift. They are perfect for children of all ages and are designed to inspire, uplift and encourage every heart that handles them.

You and your child will cherish the special moments you share together!  

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6 reviews for Healthy Whole Kids™ Affirmation Cards for The Best Day, Every Day!

  1. Jennifer (verified owner)

    These beautifully designed affirmations cards are such a special way to show our children how to focus on the positive, affirming parts of life. They ask thoughtful questions that can teach us to see the world from the lens of hope and love. I am grateful for this tool to use not only with my kiddos but to remind myself daily of what is truly important! Thank you for creating such an inspiring tool for us all to use.

  2. Stefani (verified owner)

    These affirmation cards are great for kids and adults alike! My kids are too little to answer the questions, but they aren’t too little to hear the affirmation phrases regularly! They love picking out cards for me to read from the box! I’m looking forward to continuing to read these to my kids until they’re old enough to join in on answering the thoughtful questions the cards have!

  3. sellermeier (verified owner)

    I just adore these cards! The cards are heavy card stock in a sturdy box. They are beautifully designed. Every morning I fan the cards out in my hands and have my kids (10 year old girl and 7 year old boy) pick one. We read the card and talk about what it means and how it be incorporated into their day. It’s even nice for me to be reminded of positivity and mindfulness.

  4. jmg0917 (verified owner)

    Amazing cards and great quality!! They bring happiness, inspiration and confidence to us every day! I have given a set to many of my adult friends to help them remember Every Day is a Great Day!!

  5. jillnmattm (verified owner)

    Our family ADORES these beautiful cards! These loving affirmations are just what we all need to read each day, especially as we send our five children off to start a new school year! Sending them off to conquer their day, knowing that they have these words of love in their hearts, is so comforting! We are ordering some for the teachers at our school as well and can’t wait to share them! Thank you for these beautiful cards!

  6. gbielski (verified owner)

    We absolutely LOVE our affirmation cards for the best day every day! My eight year old son reads one out loud every morning to my four year old son. I truly believe that this starts their day off on a great note! They always smile when they read/listen to the positive messages. They also make the perfect gift for friends and family members who have littles! Thanks, Healthy Whole Kids! ♥️

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