FREE PRINTABLE! Daily Summer Self-Care Checklist

Posted on June 12, 2019

Teaching our children the value and necessity of self-care at a young age may be one of the best gifts we can offer. This gift is designed to benefit their entire being and will create life-long habits that promote health and wellness- mind, body, spirit.

HEALTHY WHOLE KIDS™ practice self-care.

The future is BRIGHT! Since we become the results of the choices we make on a daily basis, we have the power to create a life of amazing possibilities. This daily checklist can be used to make tracking healthy habits fun!

Download this FREE 8.5 x 11″ printable activity to encourage your child to complete their mind, body and spirit self-care before the long summer days slip away. Simply personalize the checklist for your child.

Summer Suggestion: Have your child complete a certain number or all of the activies on the checklist before screen time or electronics.

Just enter your information below and you will receive the free printable delivered to your email address. Save it to print and use with your children as they practice daily self-care. Enjoy!

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Affirmation Cards for The Best Day, Every Day!

This deck of 48 vibrant affirmation cards, created for Healthy Whole Kids™ of all ages, is designed to reinforce our inner dialogue with uplifting messages of positivity and empowerment. Brightly colored and two-sided, each card features a powerful affirmation and a thoughtful statement or question that encourages inward reflection.

Enjoy these cards everyday and everywhere to nurture a joyful heart and discover a deeper connection with yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.

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Affirmation Posters for The Best Day, Every Day!

Healthy Whole Kids™ affirmation posters are created to encourage and inspire the children you love. Sure to brighten any room at home, school or in the office, this postive affirmation poster is wonderful for children of all ages.

By focusing on positive statements and affirming our self-love and personal confidence, we can create a future full of beautiful possibilities. The message of this poster is designed to nurture a joyful heart and encourage a deeper connection with yourself, your loved ones and the world around you.

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